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8 trainings / month 139,-
12 trainings / month 169,-
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Open JUNIOR pass 99,-
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Meet our trainers

a comprehensive model of physical development
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), due to the popularity of events like UFC or KSW is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The fighting goes on three levels: stand-up (boxing, kickboxing), clinch (wrestling, judo) with which we knock over the opponent, and ground (BJJ, Submission Fighting), where we try to control the opponent’s body and force him to surrender. Due to the wide range of techniques it is an excellent form of development – in MMA it never ends. In our club classes are led by active fighters, therefore a lot of attention is paid to technical correctness. Thanks to the comprehensive approach to fighting and competing, we also strongly develop the aspect of resistance to stress, which helps in everyday life.
hundreds of burnt calories and increased self-confidence
Boxing is one of the classic martial arts. Fist fencing is one of the basic aspects of self-defence. It is a sport that shapes the body and character. Hundreds of burnt calories and increased self-confidence are only some of the benefits we will gain through such training. In our club the instructors are focused on teaching defence and avoiding strikes techniques, which are essential in boxing. Combat during trainings is conducted only in full protection (head and body guards), thus practical exercises are possible, which are an essential element in the development of this martial art.
Muay Thai
perfect form of self-defence
Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Due to its versatility, it is a perfect form of self-defence. Training gives you the opportunity to burn hundreds of calories, but also to develop resistance to stress, or to master the power of your mind. A characteristic feature of muay thai is a duel in clinch, i.e. close tightness of both players. In addition the opponents use kicks, elbows and knees, knockdowns and sweeps using legs.
In our club a lot of attention is paid to technical correctness. Combat during trainings is conducted only in full protection (head and body guards).
currently the most popular martial art
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that visually resembles Judo or wrestling, which actually are some of its elements. Its goal it to bring the opponent down to ground and force him to yield by featuring a joint lock or strangling. BJJ is an inherent element of MMA, as most of techniques used in ground fighting are based exactly on this discipline. It is a safe form of competition – in its classic form blows are not used. In its idea it resembles chess and is so-called gentle martial arts. In our club we train BJJ in kimonos (classic BJJ) and without them (submission fighting).

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